If you are an individual or you know or have a business, Intelius is a handy data gathering information service that is available to you. People can perform searches and retrieve information on themselves or anyone else dependent on yours or theirs personal information (ie: the name, knowledgeable address, and telephone number or email address). Another popular search are ones on social security. Results vary with the amount of information given, but sample report options include credit report, phone records, neighborhoods and address history.

The Intelius business product lends assistance for business, apartment owners and also landlords. This option gives landlords and businesses can run criminal and background checks on the applications for the employment on prospective tenants.

Intelius people search offers so many different search options, that you may never have to use another search tool again! Prices for these searches vary from $4.95 for a detailed cell phone record, to $44.99 for a complex background check on the person.

People can become seriously frightened by the thought of their personal information being available in one spot to anyone who decides to check in on you. But Intelius is with you on this one, they have an option to hide some of your most personal information, so that even if someone does perform a search on you, they wont be able to see everything.

Intelius has helped people and business with a free people search so much, that they have been given multiple awards. With all this credibility invested into this one program, it is hard to go wrong with this smart and efficient way to getting the information you want and need, within your own boundaries.